Interesting times for the tax department at Best Buy.

No sector has gone untouched by layoffs as a result of the current recession.  However, there is one major local company that is hiring.  Best Buy, despite having gone through 2 rounds of layoffs (one voluntary, one involuntary) they are actually hiring in areas of interest to the community of Carlson Business school alumni and students.  That area is tax. 

While short term growth plans for the top consumer electronics retailer have been reeled back somewhat, long-term plans both domestically and internationally remain in place.  With the recent demise of Circuit City, the promising new Best Buy Mobile initiative, as well as expansion into China, Mexico, Turkey, and the EU, Best Buy is well positioned to not only survive the downturn but emerge stronger than ever. 

For these growth plans to succeed a world class organization has to be in place to manage the substantial financial challenges ahead.  This is why the tax department at Best Buy has significant, unique career opportunities currently open. 

New Leadership

Kristi Carlson, Esq., was hired as Vice President of Tax in late 2008.                        

Kristi came to her leadership role in the tax organization as an accomplished tax executive from Northwest Airlines with extensive experience handling complex international, federal, and state and local tax issues.  Kristi is committed to building a world class Global tax organization at Best Buy with the support of her dedicated leadership team.   

Recognition from the Executive suite

Best Buy’s executive team understands that the organization’s growth into a global business demands developing a world class tax organization that can support Best Buy’s long-term growth strategy and plans for further international expansion.   Proof of that can be found in the fact that they are hiring during a time when all other areas of Best Buy are scaling back.

International opportunity

Best Buy is already operating in Canada, Mexico, China, and Turkey.  Best Buy is committed to expanding their footprint in these countries as well as others.  For the tax professionals on their team this will provide unique exposure to international tax experience. 

Click through the link below to see more details and apply to any of the current openings.

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